El catártico ejercicio del bienestar II

We could talk and talk about the characteristics of this scene and point out adjectives until we tire out, but it seems more interesting to focus in the process of this situation, that is quite consequent with  the idea of placebo.”

El catártico ejercicio del bienestar

A site specific work composed for the Parc Nou d’Olot. Premiered at Sismògraf Festival on 27th april.


Like an untouchable ritual every day before a weekend of festive vast monotony, they were thinking about leaving the city and spend the day lying in the sun, enjoying the pass of time and leisure”

El espacio


We wish to carry the conception of the stage outside the walls of the theatre. The context of non conventional space is getting more and more developed, mainly as an artistic movement, following  a ground-breaking direction towards the aesthetic barrier that exists between the spectator and the stage product.In this case,  our objective is to be able to attract the audience attention to the language of the stage of Camaralucida.

 Separating context from theatre, the non conventional space consists of a window and the need to reclaim the performing arts towards the intrinsic archetype behind closed doors. It is the moment of infallible self-criticism in front of direct opinion without words. We capture attention or we do not.

Now, we remove aesthetic layers to show the strict rigour and communication of our stage quality.

More incisive to place ourselves under question.




Sistema scene


We create the physical account of a couple’s emotional world.

In this way, we narrate key points of their lives such as lack of connection, daily routine, sex, reencounter, love.

This work portrays the fact that human relationship is based upon specific codes of communication. These codes govern our behaviour. We create the emotional structures that exist in a couple full of love with intense emotion and complex ways of acting. We are moving within the certainty of these parameters declining all responsibility and guilt on the excesses of this system.



New creation



The concepts that we wish to investigate in this new piece refer to specific actions and reactions where our values, principles and ideals as well as needs and wishes converge in uncomfortable scenes that we usually want to cover up with correct words and eloquent speeches. We feel inconsistent in these situations. They tend to lead us to total failure or remarkable learning about ourselves and the way in which we keep certain standards of coexistence and power. That insipid but coagulated flavour, caused by the will to be right and say the final word, impedes any trace of compassion and understanding.