Lautaro Reyes


Movement is either thought turned into action or a reflex act. We constantly create action in order to accomplish our every day life. It is under this action and conduct that we resemble or differentiate ourselves from other people according to physical and/or verbal expressions. There is a physical aptitude regarding verbal expression which is determined by the mental corporal or emotional state of the individual being. This verbal expression creates an aesthetic reference in the recognition with our kind. Unconsciously, we have a shared code of expression where we can recognize human conduct through its forms regardless of culture. Our intellect, emotions and instincts are expressed by means of a particular corporal code and this language is shared by women and men.
Our search consists in entering this human code of expression and configuring it on stage with aesthetic situations and human performance.


In 2012 Camaralucida performs “Sin Tierra” for the first time in Antic Teatre. This piece narrates an extract of the human history in half format, following a chronological line in three chapters. In 2013 “Sistema” is created. This new work is performed by a duo and narrates specific situations in the life of a couple. That same year in October, “Sistema” was awarded the first prize in the Choreographic Competition in Sabadell and several prizes in the Choreographic Competition in Madrid such as Danceweb Europe, Bassano del Grappa and Conservatorio Superior “Maria de Avila” prize. In 2014 the company creates a Site Specific work, “El catártico ejercicio del bienestar” premiered in Sismograf Festival, and participates in DNA/Romaeuropa Festival and Salmon Festival with a new version of the duo “Sistema”.

Camaralucida is currently working in a new piece. “Mi amiga terapia” and “Absinthe” are two video works, developed as modules of the content of the new creation.